Where can I get a memory card from for my Canon camera - sandisk?

Or get them to check the camera is OK?
Getting message "No memory card" when card reinserted in camera after uploading photos to laptop.
I am in Grand Baie.

I use the microSD from Price Guru in Grand Bay it is called strontium i also use canon dslr cameras


When you used the card for the first time, did the camera recognized it?


Check if ever you have accidentally push the lock switch on the card. That may be the problem.

Thanks Leslie. Is that the online shop?  I have to order online?

Thanks Pascal.
Not a new card and I checked the lock switch on the card and moved it up and down and no matter which way it goes I am still getting the same message - no memory card!

yes but they are in Grand Bay behind e-vida cafe on the main road just after the carpark on the bay front where they sell fish , they have a telephone number if it is in stock you can buy it from them. It comes with two adaptors when i got it an Sd card adaptor for the camera and you can put the card into the usb adaptor for use with a computer or tv etc instead of connecting up the camera

Great Leslie! Many thanks, I will give them a ring first thing  tomorrow!  :)

Thanks everyone for your help and advice. I managed to get a 16GB card from Super U today and it works fine! :)

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