Getting married in New Delhi, what documents should i bring ?

Im getting married next month to my indian Boyfriend in new delhi. Aside from my birth certificate and cenomar what other documents should i bring? Is it okey to just get a tourist visa and just stay there for one week and go back here in philippines as if nothings happen hehe what would be my nxt steps once i go back here? Do i have to report it also that im already married?

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First of all i think you should post this on the Indian forum for good replies as it is in India that the marriage will be taking place. And yes i think a tourist visa is ok, Unless you are planning to stay and live there with your husband to be...cos that will mean a Residency visa....but i don't get what you mean by the statement "just stay there for one week and go back here in Philippines as if nothings happen" is it like you will marry him and leave in a week after marriage  to the Philippines and he follows???
  And yes you have to actually do the reporting and registering of the marriage at the Philippines embassy or consulate in India. 

My advice (not that it matters) is you rather talk to your boyfriend so he comes to Philippines and marry you there as he is the man, i think your family and loved ones would love to be part of that big day. Think it through before jumping on the plane.

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yes  you must get  yr  res status certificate that your single now. if divorcee  get the divorce docs  thats all

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Yes if you are getting married that u have to come over in tourist visa and plz bring ur becholar certificate from ur ministry or external affairs aswell

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