Jobs In Dubai

Good evening friends!!

I am indian now on a visit visa to dubai, I am here in search of work, I am working out with some references but I still need to speedup my job search.

My qualification is bach of commerce with a diploma in foreign trade (part time)

My work experience is almost 20 years handling complete business operations for a Automobile Spare parts shop in Mumbai. (Age 40)

Handling complete Administration operations, business development, sales, and much more.
Open to work in any challenging industry not restricting to Automobile in portfolio mentioned above.

Any guidance

Finding job in Dubai is always the question on everyone's mind but answers are hard to come by. I did say you keep applying on the many online job websites and doing the walk ins and most importantly creating a network among your country people who are already established here. I believe in the world of job hunting right now is about who you know and no longer what you have or can offer. Stay strong you will find one eventually.

Thank you Flex - this is true, and mostly references works. Will do that as you said. Thanks again;

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