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I will be moving to Malaysia next month with wife and 6 month old son. My employer will give medical cover to me only, and not my family.

What is best economical medical insurance policy that I can buy for my wife and son or a combined family package (if there is any additon to family in future). Policy should cover inpatient and outpatient, medical diagnosis tests and medicines...

Umer Mehmood

All medical insurances will cover for that although outpatient usually is covered once you have checked out of the hospital. I used Pacific Insurance for myself, wife and two young children. It was not too expensive and they pay fast if you do get hospitalized. For your wife and one infant, it probably wil only cost around RM2,000 or thereabouts for the annual premium.

Thank you Hansson, but how outpatient is paid once we are out of hospital. If anyone from my family get sick and we have to go to a Child specialist consultant, or gynecologist, how will that consultant fee will be paid?

If the outpatient visit or treatment is related to when you were in the hospital then you pay first and submit your receipts to the insurance company and they will reimburse you. If you go through an insurance agent it is probably easier because they will help you with all the procedures.

If you are hospitalized then you give your insurance card to the check in desk at the hospital and the bill should be paid by the insurance company directly.

The insurance coverage I had for my family was only related to hospitalization and outpatient visits and treatment following hospitalization including physiotherapy. That does not include pregnancy or visits to a gynecologist or obstetrician or child vaccinations and general visits to a pediatrician.

The best is to contact an insurance agent and discuss the different options with them.

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