Teaching English

I'd really like to find a job here in Jordan but it has proven difficult. I have a BBA and MBA in accounting but most of my experience is working for the US Government or doing income taxes so my experience doesn't translate well to anything here. I've applied for numerous jobs online with zero luck. I'd like to do something or work for an organization that makes a difference, something more fulfilling than just recording debits and credits. I have some experience teaching college level accounting.  I did really like teaching.  I know there are many english language centers and I'd like to help people learn English or improve business english skills to improve their opportunities. I have no clue what the market is like or how it pays. Has anyone done a CETLA certification or TESOL or other type of certification and found a decent rewarding job here in jordan?  Do these certifications help?  Would anyone hire me with zero english teaching experience?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Feeling kind of lost and useless here without a career.

The best changes are to visit those places by yourself and ask if they are in need.
From what I know mostly they want experienced teachers and some are content if they can have  natives.
If your Arabic is weak then it will be very hard to find a decent job but not impossible.
Or if there is a "markez" in your area to give English to women and children?

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