Possible ways to issue a CPR

Hey there blog members!

I'm a transfer student, recently moved to Bahrain.

To my surprise I found out after switching universities that my university doesn't issue a CPR for the students :/

Long story short, what are my options to get a CPR? since I'm living here now on a visitor visa..


I dont think they can issue a CPR to people on Visitor Visa, i would recommend you to have a word with your university to get this clarified.

Your passport should be enough to get the basics like phone, medical and others.


Sadly my passport and saudi iqama are not enough, every medical center I went to required a CPR

Very strange, i know several people who were treated with Passport only when they were on visit. Did you have a word with your University? explain them about the situation.

I did but sadly they don't have any other solution, if they had warned me before I transferred here I would have done something but for now I guess I will do some job hunting

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