Balaton Vacation: Now is the time.

Long term weather reports indicate warm weather for the rest of the month. But turning cooler after that starting in September. And the "normal" tourist season is winding down now. So fewer crowds for the rest of the month. Enjoy.

Yup, Mrs Fluffy reports weather of 30 C, decent water temperature and no crowds in Balaton likely so she's going there at the weekend.

Might make a go of a Balaton trip mid week, the kids are in school and hopefully it will be peaceful and warm at the lake.

Mrs Fluffy is at Balaton with the Fluffyettes.

School starts 1st September but as it's a Thursday it's a short day.  Next day is more for real but then it's the weekend.  So if the weather is good, mid-week is definitely more likely  to be the right time for quiet times.

I've been meaning to cycle at high speed around Lake Velence. I might just do that next week.

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