Family visit visa extension

Hi to everyone,
Can anybody help me for the following issue.
My family is on visit visa for three months and there visa is going to expire on 15 Sep-16; well, it can be extended for three more months in normal case. But in my case, my iqama is going to expire on 18 Nov-16 just after 02 months & the project where I work is almost completed &  I foresee my demobilization & final exit  by end Oct-16 or 1st week of Nov-16 max, in that case my company will not renew my iqama.
Based on the above scenario, is it possible to extend my family visa for few more weeks until I am here.
Need your guidance

Thanx in advance.

Hi Sohailafzal,

Please feel free to have a look at the topics on the Information on visas in Saudi Arabia section, you might find some useful information related to your questions.



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