How to deal with Identity Fraud

Anyone know best way to deal with identity fraud here in Bahrain?

Whats your scenario?

At my previous company, the HR took advantage of her position. She used my CPR and Passport to acquire mobile phones at 2 telecom companies under my name. She fled the country and now the telecom companies demanding I pay the money I owe them for the phones.

Okay. Have you explained the situation to the telephone companies? I am not sure how can she use your CPR to purchase phones. It has your picture on it ? don't it?

I have explained this to both telecom companies and it seems like a dead end.

That's something I to can't understand. How were they able to release the phones when both my CPR and Passport has my picture? I made complaints and even went to Telecom Regulatory Authority and still no resolution.

I have been contacted by one of the telecom companies just today and I was informed I have been issued a travel ban.

Oh dear ! I guess you should try speaking to one of their high ups and get this resolved.


Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, sadly the law in Bahrain regarding identity theft is not dealt with seriously is what i have heard, but have you tried registering a complain with the local police station?


You should go to the police as a first step.

Then go through the process to get your name cleared. A travel ban is a mess and will make life very difficult if not sorted out soon.

Yes I have, last February 2016. First thing I did when I found out about this.

I went to the police station last February 2016. But till now there hasn't been any updates to my complaint.

I was just told to wait and then I was told mid-June of last year it was with CID.

Unfortunately, even if its January 2017 I have no update.

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