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Good morning,  I'm new in this blog

I'm south african citizens I would like to transfer and leave in Malta
Do you know which documents do I need to leave and working there in Malta?

My husband is EU citizen origin from Sicily and we would like to move from south africa to Malta

can you please help me?

Kind Regards

You should have no problem moving to, and working in Malta, the 'stickies' at the top of the first Forum page will tell you what documents you need and give you much other information as well.
This link will take you to the one concerning residency.


Thank you so much,

Do you think also my wife can transfer to malta from south africa?

As you are an EU citizen your wife can live in Malta with you as a dependant. Not sure about the work situation but others on here would be able to tell you.


Thank you so much

Re: 'Do you think also my wife can transfer to malta from south africa?'

Reply: Of course.

The non-EU family members of an EU citizen have the same rights as the EU citizen to work or study or access the resources of the EU host member state.

Thank you so much

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