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Good day we arrived in Mauritius 3 weeks ago what an amazing lifestyle.  I have a 15 year old daughter my husband does alot of traveling so looking to meet people in the same situation.  I am in Flic en Flac.

Thanks Patricia

Hi Patricia, I just joined yesterday and am wondering if expats would be interested in learning conversational french in a classroom setting to meet learn french and meet other expats in MRU.

Please see the thread here … 49#3327669 as I've asked some basic questions and you can find more info if you're interested. If the link doesn't work, just search for LEARN FRENCH on the search bar.


Hi Veronica thanks for the offer but I have done a crash course in French while in SA


All the best!


Hi Patricia

If ever you are interested in getting a little knowledge about the local language (Mauritian Creole) please do contact me.

I also think that its good to have more contact with French cause nearly all Mauritian understand French whereas you can have certain difficulties with English.

Anyway, all the best for you.


You will find various threads of information on this site and there are a number of people who live in Flic en Flac, Tamarin and Black River.
What are your interests as that might help with people contacting you. Eg sport, yoga,crafts, socializing. Also are you looking for things to do during the day or the evening?

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