Anyone living in or nearby Karlskrona?

I'm an American happily living in Karlskrona with my swede. I'd love to meet other expats who have moved to my city. I love it here and enjoy making new friends! :) I'll be starting SFI soon, it's just one adventure after another! :)

hey there

i live in rävemåla 40 km north of kk. you can join us next time we go drinking in kk.


Hi Aimee
I moved to Sweden two months ago with my husband, we are living in Karlskrona. He got a job with ABB, and prior to this we lived in Dubai.I have just had all my paperwork done and hope to start SFI soon!!
Would be nice to meet up and exchange stories!
Have a great day!


I just also just recently (1 week ago) moved to Karlskrona, Sweden!  I am definitely looking for some friends and anyone who can relate to this new experience!
How are the SFI classes?! I haven't started mine yet.

Hi there
I have just seen your post. How are you settling in?
We have been a bit unsettled, moving a lot but have finally got all our furniture and have a house which will make it easier.
Have you started SFI?
Would love to meet up. My email is xxx

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