Wages needed to cover cost of family of 4

Hi all

I am moving to Jordan in November. My wife and 4 kids moved last November but because I couldn't find a good job so I stayed in Australia. I visited twice this year, for a few weeks each time.

We have bought an apartment in Zarqa and shipped all our stuff.

I don't know whether to look for work in Jordan or take short contracts here in Australia and travel between the two. Job market is pretty good here and I am in a small city and have worked here for 15 years.

I was told that a good wage is around 700-1000 JD a month. Even with owning the apartment I don't think that is enough. I have four kids. Three of them are in school.

Any advice of cost of living and realistic wage expectations would be appreciated.


The wages are low here so don't expect you will get higher payed.
The amount you mentioned is above modal if you consider that around 400-500 is the norm.  There are many people who earn less.
How much you get paid depends on your skills and in what field you're looking for.

Coming to Jordan, buying a house at forehand without a job is in my opinion a little bit risky.  Leaving your family behind while you work in Australia can disturb the adapting process for all of you.
My two cents...

Apart from school fees what should I need to cover living costs. I don't expect to make any where near what I earn here. I am just trying to find out if it's worth working while in Jordan or take a contract here in Australia for 3 months each year as it works out the same overall. I just hate being away from my kids.

Difficult to say, depends on your lifestyle. is a handy tool to get as close as possible.

I think two big chunks of you salary will go towards school fees and rent.  You got the rent covered, but schools fees vary greatly depending on your choice.

It really depends on what you can make in each place vs if you are willing to be away for three months. Plus you have to add airline tickets and living expenses in Australia, taxes, insurance, etc. I've thought the same thing about working in the USA for a few months a year to be honest. Salaries here can be very low and from what I've seen, a lot of people who don't work in government jobs work six days a week as well.  I don't know about Australia, but being from the USA the only things I spend less on here than the USA are cell phone service, rent, bread, vegetables, and perscription drugs.  Other than that everything is either about the same or costs more here. Sometimes a lot more.

I am currently getting about 1450 JD a week after taxes. My parents live in Australia so I could stay with them while I work. So a three month contract even with flights is about a year in Jordan.

Financialy working here is much better, but I am not in a good mood when I am away from my kids.

I had expected around 1500jd per month which I thought would cover costs. School fees are ridiculously expensive in Jordan. Even for average quality.

My wife grew up in Jordan and we agreed to take a few years to stay in the region. I think it would be a good experience for me and the kids. I can speak Arabic but cannot read and write.

I just took a six month contract so was prepared for a year off. I am going to undertake some study but would like to work at least a little to keep busy.

I was just a little shocked about what I have seen regarding living costs as it doesn't correspond to wages. We don't own a car, live a very average quality of life in Jordan and still spend more than the average wage. Mainly because of school fees.

Sorry if I am rambling I am just a little confused.

I was as shocked as you and I don't even have children yet. Living expenses do not correlate with wages.  What if you worked a three Month contract while the kids were on summer break so they could come with you part of the time?  Working a contract may mean some time away from your kids but think the other 9 months you could spend a lot of time with them.  You're right your weekly wage in Australia is what a lot of people make in 3 months working here. I am not sure what kind of work you do, but have you looked into doing freelance work online?  There are a few websites that I use but I don't th ink I am allowed to post them. Probably won't get paid nearly what you did in AUS but maybe better than here and if you are looking for some part time work in your spare time.

School fees are indeed ridiculous high and its not a guarantee for good education.
You are not obligatate to pay the fees at once but can be spread over the year.
That can ease the pain a little.

My kids tell me that the teachers make many mistakes with their English and then I think why don't I put them in public school as it is just across the road.

Welcome to Jordan  :D

All good, I guess it's part of the experience.  I can help the kids with the English. They are all born in Australia. Only concern is my youngest who arrived in Jordan before he turned 2.

If I wanted to offer private tuition in my home is this possible, what are the requirements and what could I charge. I have a bachelor of commerce, I have almost completed my MBA and have done a good part of and architecture diploma. I have a certificate 4 in building and construction management.

I mainly work as a consultant (business analyst) for large organization's on projects. I have also done the TESOL program I just need to submit my assignment for the certificate. I am a licensed builder as well which I do on the side for my own investment.

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