Any filipinos or Korean that needs to learn English/Bahasa?

Hi there! I'm an Indonesian looking for a friend to learn Korean and also Filipinos to talk over a cup of coffee.

I knew how to speak tagalog but i dont have alot of filipino friends here to talk to.
I currently learning Korean, i did understand their basics but need friends to practice.

If you have free time after working and need someone to help your Bahasa, talk to me :)

Terimakasih! Thankyou!

I can teach you tagalog

Are you somewhere in Jakarta?

I currently staying here in Jakarta.
I actually know how to speak Tagalog but dont have alot of people to converse :)
Anyway, nice to know you Lyn :)

am actually in Philippines.

Me too it's nice to meet you, hope we can be friends :)

Hello there!

I can teach you Tagalog words. :)

I can!! Also can teach you korean! Just let me know!

Hello everyone,

If you want to propose language classes or if you are rather looking for one, please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the website : Language classes in Seoul.

All the best,

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