KL Newbie, Hello!

Hello Everyone,

I'll be moving to KL from Manila, PH by end of September and I want to ask for your suggestion on where is the ideal district to find my apartment, and the possible price range. A studio is enough for me since I'll be alone. My office will be in KL Sentral and my work starts at 8:30 AM (in case you'll consider the travel time).

Thanks, and hopefully meet some of you soon :)

Hi Ishh20.
Most Welcome to Kuala Lumpur.

Since you work location will be KL Sentral area, It would be great to stay nearby in Brickfileds.

There are lot of condominiums where you may easily find studio apartment room within a budget of maximum 1200MYR. All locations within brickfields are walking distance to your work place. infact it's a nice, centered & convenient place in KL where you can get public transport like RAPID bus, Taxi, KTM/LRT/Monoril trains very easily to go to other parts. Even food here also is nice. you may opt to stay here.

Thanks !

Hi ishh20,

KL Sentral is a great location to work or live. Depending on your budget, there are some condo buildings in the area, such as Suasana Sentral Loft and suasana Sentral. Then, about a 10 minutes walk away is Gaya Bangsar Condo and a lot of older apartment buildings just behind Bangsar LRT Station. You could also consider Brickfields area which is just beside KL Sentral.

If you go to the following property link and enter any one of those apartments and click on rentals, you can see all the advertisements and prices of apartments for rent.

The result is something like this:

You can also check out apartment rentals using other sites like iproperty and the Star Online.


Thank you, Hansson!

This is very helpful. Have a good day!

Thank you, Piyusheta!

I'll search around the area you've mentioned.
Have a good day!

Hi Ishh20,

Welcome, to Malaysia.
I got a few units at Brickfields, 10 min walking distance only to KL Sentral.
Please, pm.


Hi everyone,

@ Jess, welcome on board  :)

Please note that if you are a professional, you should not propose/promote your services on the forum but rather register in the Kuala Lumpur business directory or if you are proposing one of your own property for rent, you should proceed by dropping an advert in the Housing in Kuala Lumpur section.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna,

I do advertise at Housing Section.


Try to search from as well

Welcome :)

Wangsa Maju, Roomrate about RM300-RM500.

LRT- tram is just in walking distance. Plenty of food choices as there is a college nearby.

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