Working as an English Teacher in Mexico City

Hi everyone

I've been in Latin America for 3 months now and have finally found somewhere I would like to teach English: Mexico City

I have quite a few years within South East Asia & Australia teaching English, and have a teaching diploma aswell as a business degree.

Could anyone point me in the right direction about how to find work as I'm pretty clueless about how to approach it; is it a case of going to schools directly or through agencies... any advice would be great.

Hi K00z0h,

Welcome to :)

There are some articles about job in the living in Mexico guide, please feel free to have a look : … _work.html , you might find some useful guidelines on how to look for a job.


Priscilla  :cheers:

I don't think any of those articles mentioned getting a Visa that allows you to work ..... and how complicated it is.

IE .... get the job offer and go back to your home country and apply for the work Visa

What about those who don't have Mexican Embassy or consulate in there home countries?

Talk to an Immigration Office in Mexico

Getting a visa that allows you to work starts in your home through the nearest Mexican Consulate even if it's in another country.  Unless you have a job offer from a company that already has government approval to hire a foreigner, it will be very time consuming with no guarantee you'll succeed.

There has been an underground economy where non citizens can tutor or give private classes on a strictly cash basis.  Strictly illegal.  Do you want to risk something like that?

go on the internet. Be careful this job does not pay very well depending on what grade you teach. You cannot discipline children in private schools. Best time to apply is just before the school semester starts. some schools will let you take in Your CV/resume others on line

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