wanna move to live in Philippines

I am from Serbia,in long distance relationiinship,and want to live in Philippines.How to realised that.

Come for a holiday first, visit a city, the islands and see which style of life you prefer.Research the areas you want to visit.

Filip74nofx:   Good answer,  dinky2408!   I'll second that and might add get to know fellow expats and locals.   If you have the means, visit several locations, say, the mountain region, a small city and the places by the sea.   That will give you an idea where you prefer to live...if that's your intent.   I have lived in the Philippines for about 17 years and visited several times during my job assignments in Japan and Korea but still don't consider myself a country expert.  Every time I travel to the islands I research it out first and consult my contacts there.  If you already established a relationship there, that would be a good start...but don't rely on that alone....expand your network of contacts and your research.   Good luck....and go ahead ask more questions.  I'm sure others knowledgable about the Philippines will be glad to included.   I am not in the Philippines at the moment...I'm in northern Washington state....right on the border with Canada....but I have a pretty good knowledge of several great places to visit in the Philippines.  I will travel there again, soon though....possibly in the fall or winter.

I allready knew where ill have to come,and live.Because have gf there.Just wanna know how i can stay there.

You said "how I can stay there"?   You simply go there, find a place, or stay at your gf's place.  When i travel to the Philippines I simply stay with relatives or friends....that is, when invited.  Otherwise, I stay in a hotel or pension...or if staying a long time, I just rent an apartment.  Perhaps Expat members could better advise your concerns if you can explain the problems you anticipate concerning "how you can stay there".

Stay,i mean to stay and live there.What i have to stay there,visiting visa,invatation latter....?

You should first go to the nearest Philippine Consulate...maybe there is one in Belgrade.  Anyway wherever there is a Philippine Consulate. That's where you should go first rather than the Expat website.   This way, you don't get the run around...and besides you can get the proper and legal advice from the experts...the Philippine Consulate.   You can also look up the information on line.

I looked it up.  If you are living in Serbia, there is Philippine Consulate office at Ul. Pavla Papa 14' Ground
Floor, 1100 Belgrade.   Go to them for the visa and other entry requirements you need.

We dont have consulate,we have honoured consul...and nearest ambassy is in Budapest.Thank you anyway.

Yes, I know.   I suppose you'll have to drive or take the train to Budapest if you want your visa.   It's not that far from Belgrade is it?  I drove once from Vienna to Budapest when I was living in Germany....just a few hours.  It's about the same distance from Budapest, I think.   Best wishes my friend, I hope you get your visa soon.

Thank you on advices.

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