Schools for A levels - at 18 years old

Hiya all,

I currently live in Brazil, but we are moving to Malta at the end of the year. I have found a fair bit of information about rent, and things like that. There does seem to be a bit of a black hole when it comes to information about schooling for A-levels.

My step-son is 17, and will be 18 in September, but he won't have graduated the Brazilian version of college when we move; he would still have one year left.

I've tried to find information about taking A-levels, but it seems near impossible to find information for people of this age (who haven't left schooling yet). Is the University of Malta in Msida the only place he will be able to take A-levels that he can use to qualify him for a degree course (in international relations)?

If anyone has any information also about Gozo, and whether they have any options in the same area.

My wife and I would like to do degrees, but it seems like Msida is the only place that offers public school degrees (particularly in history/psychology)? The site for the Gozo division seems to only give part time courses, and only has one which started a couple of years ago!


Anyone, I have found a "foundation" course in the University, another alternative I thought might be to do A levels online and the tests in the UK? As nobody seems to know anything about the schools.

Try looking at MCAST - they may offer something for both as i think it caters for various ages.
Hope that helps

Yeah, I've had a look at them. Will have another look, just remember the choices they had being very limited.


Contact the university would you be best option,

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