Spanish Language Courses for, ahem, the more mature...


Does anyone have recommendations for intensive language courses for 50+ learners?  I visited Valencia a couple of times last year with a view to moving there and plan to return later this year to brush up on my Spanish, though I'm open to other areas in the south.  I contacted many schools in Valencia but pretty much all of them cater to the younger student and I'd really like to be learning with others nearer my own age, or at least a mix so I'm not totally outnumbered!  Any tips for older language learners much appreciated.....  :)

I had the same problem. Last year I came to Almeria and had to pay for classes on my own as there was no one as old as me wanting to learn or they had no one of my level which further complicates things. It seems that a lot of people stop learning once they have learnt to order coffee, drinks and food. The main problem is the oral side of things at which I am depressingly poor.

A further problem is there is a lot of online tuition these days which means there is even less chance of getting classes if you prefer a live person and the possible social opportunities that classes offer.

Thanks for your reply jojokoko - it seems there is an untapped market out there.  I'm sure that there must be many older people who do want to become more fluent.  I have heard that some towns in Spain offer free Spanish language lessons for non-native speakers but I suspect that it would be weekly classes and therefore a slow process.  I've tried the online stuff but there is no substitute for being in country and regular interaction with native speakers. 

Would you mind telling me how you found a private teacher and what it cost?

Hi Sherbetfizz

I actually tried the language schools in the various towns first. Private lessons are far too expensive really, around 25 euros upwards I believe. However I was lucky in that I found something online which was a privately run online tuition course. As I was staying in the town for some time and hated the idea of trying to learn that way, they allowed me to go to their flat and have tuition one to one. It works out at about 15 euros.

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