Moving to riyadh

I am going to move to riyadh in September or early October. Is there Any one who is going to work in king saud university as an ESL instructor ?


I literally just posted a question titled exactly the same   :D
I will also be leaving for Riyadh around about the same time as yourself and inshallah, be teaching at King saud. Was this job offer through Al husaan?


Hi sonia
Yessss lol
Visa under process 😊
Waiting for my TESOL to get attested


Has Al-Husaan given you more details about accommodation? The fact that they arent being clear about where i will be living - shared or alone, amongst humans or in the middle of a deserted desert - is freaking me out.

No idea lol.
Because of lack of communication.
Have you applied for visa?
I communicated with one person on this forum and he told me that accomodation is decent. He was in apartment that time.
Al hussan took this contract recently so couldn't get a lot of information online.

Yes, I have applied, just waiting for my certificate to be attested. I have been in contact (via email) with a few people from the recruitment agency and a gentleman from King Saud uni but they all seem to avoid answering the 'accommodation' question. Strange.

will you be living there alone?

Yes alone but later will sponsor my husband and daughter.
When did you submitted your TESOL for attestation?
Mine was submitted two weeks ago.

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