Driving Ruta Panoramica

Is this a thing to do

Yes, but not when it is raining heavily or on weekends when there might be a jeep or motorcycle rally but the roadside lechonorias would be open. From highway 52 in Cayey to Highway 10 near Adjuntas and Ponce is nice. You would go through Aibonito, A spot where you can see the Atlantic Ocean and The caribbean. Toro Negro national forest with nice hiking trails and few people. Maravilla where you get awesome views of the Caribbean. It is nice above Mayagues, Maricao towards Yauco.  Avoid the mountains at night, fog and rain. Dry winter days are best.

Never taken it but this may help … mica,8165/

It would definitely  be a day time trip. I don't  like driving at night that much.

Rey I had read that one thank you.

Just be careful, narrow road and cliff on the side.
My great grand mother fell of one of those roads with her second husband on a motorcycle, lucky they both survived but some broken bones. Bike did not survived.

It's truly gorgeous.  But pack food and beverages (there's a coffee plantation along the way but it was closed when we went), and pray that it doesn't rain (unless you enjoy driving on flooded mountain roads.)

Thank you Joy. Flooded mountains roads you want catch me on them

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