Chlorine, chlorox, Ajax?

I have been living long enough in this polykatoikia (flat building) in Athens to notice that people are used very much to using this certain chemical to clean their houses, but after finished they always throw the liquid out through their balcony and it splattered down to our common backyard, the smell is so pungent and chemically stabbing to my senses = but they seem NOT to be annoyed at all by it (so only me)!!!! Alas for me, who live on the ground floor where they toss the toxic, or any washing water leftover continuously. I can't identify who did it, it just seems any random neighbor upstairs uses the same chemicals. Sometimes it's like the habit of middle-ages Europe based on the literature I read.

Any of you perhaps know what kind of chemical they use? I use a plain chlorine (Χλορίνη) to mop my floor but it's not smelling that stabbing after that. Is it Ajax? why are people seemed to be obsessed using it? How would you confront them if you were in my situation? Would you suggest something better than that?

Hi,well,this is typical Greek"I dont give a damn about anybody else"attitude.On holiday,meeting Greeks is not the same as living with them,among them.I live ground floor,my husbands flat,his relatives upstairs and they throw down unwanted food,lots of gum from their mouths,a cousin once cleaned his heating petrol tank and ran the waste through a hose down two floors into my garden and it was nearly coming under the door and they had the cheek to tell me to shut up shouting,they did it at midnight when they thought I was asleep.They are Chlorine freaks,their trolly in the supermarket will sometimes have ten bottles.They use super strength too.Just to tell you that its not a good idea for you to use Chlorine on your floors,it will eventually ruin them and its extremely bad for your health and may lead to cancer under continuous use.I use only green soap,sometimes a little Jiff.My country cottage has a soak-away for the toilet waste and from the sinks,I have never used Chlorine as it would kill the natural bacteria in there which help to break down solid matter,and I want it to break down real quick as I dont want anything rising up above ground.I have had green paint running down my wall from upstairs as well,top coat,no apology,no offer of sorting the problem,pigs as far as Im concerned.You could go to the council to complain they may tell them off but your life will be hell with them if you do,if you rent its best to go elsewhere,if you own it then tell them off,threaten the council,my husbands relative now leaves all his hunting clothes on view at the top of the stairs,pants as well,and he never washes them,they stink to high heaven,I keep jos-sticks going all day.I used to buy and sell flats in the UK,do it up,get a better one and until you live in flats you will never believe what devil people are out there,shocking beyond belief,in the end I bought a top floor flat so I had nobody on my head,I didnt have to wait until two in the morning for them to go to bed for the noise to stop.I feel sorry for you and that is a situation which must not continue,bad for your health.I shall now put any gum in the pockets of his hunting clothes ha..

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