Difficulty in Obtaining Work Permit from USA


I live in the United States and am interested in obtaining a job and moving to Galway within the next 2 years.   I'm just starting the process.  Which, for me, the first task is figuring out how hard it is to take an Irish job as an American?

I am a tax accountant that has been working for about 6 years post college.  In the US, my experience level and field make getting a job a walk in the park.  I don't know how well that would translate to Ireland.  I've seen that the US CPA is highly regarded and recognized in Ireland, but don't know much beyond that.

I'd be bringing my wife with me who may or may not want to get a job.  She's currently self employed managing a few rental properties we have.

Does the amount of money brought into the country make things easier?  I'd probably have enough to buy an average house outright (250-300k Euro)

I apologize if this has been asked and answered before.  I just didn't see much on tax accounting in the forums.

Tax acccounting jobs, plenty. You will need to do sum research on the work permit as most companies have to source natives or residents or eu b4 other countries. Unless they can proof the job can't be filled and take it from there. They can then offer you a job which is what you need for a permit. Check out the jobs skills on demand list. My husband is an accountant and recently we were job hunting in Ireland and we covered the uk as well because we were just not getting lucky with Irish jobs.,my husband is Italian, but have worked in Ireland for multinationals for the last 10 years and we applied to every possible job to increase his chances. He got 2 job offers 1 in London and 1 in Ireland and we went with Ireland as we did not want to face a whole house and family relocation. Given our 5 months intensive search for a job he would prefer we settled for a 12 month contract junior position ( my husband has now gone from senior finance manager to senior accountant) not happy with a massive drop but we were exhausted and fed up with the bad bad treatment from agents, companies don't reply, agents ignore details on the cv etc. We are bidding our time( taking a break from our search and will get back searching again. As he will be bored no doubt with this job. Sorry for the long rant but just to give you an idea how bad things can be over here.🙂

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