Penang brige

What is the name of the bridge that connects Penang to the main land  How much tax is payable to make use of the bridge  How long is the bride
Is there a ferry, or bus or train available between the main land and Penang and how much is the tariffs

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The following information may help you:

    Overall Length: 13.5 km (8.4 miles)
    Length Over Water: 8.4 km (5.2 miles)
    Penang Island Viaduct & Approach: 1.5 km (0.9 miles)
    Prai Approach: 3.6 km (2.2 miles)
    Carriageway: 2 lanes per carriageway except in the central span where it is 3
    Height of Tower Above Water: 101.5 m
    Height of Bridge Above Water: 33 m
    Main Span: 225 m
    End Span: 107.5 m
    Other Span: 40 m
    Speed limit: 80 km/h
    Motorcycles RM 1.40
    Motorcycle with sidecars, cars including station wagon and commercial
    vehicles on three wheels RM 7.00
    Lorries, vans and buses with two axles and four wheels RM 12.00
    Lorries, vans and buses with two axles and five and six wheels RM 25.00
    Vehicles with three axles RM 45.00
    Vehicles with four axles RM 60.00
    Vehicles with five and more axles RM 75.00

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About Penang Bridge

There is also a second Penang Bridge:

    Construction: Nov 2008~ Feb 2014
    Cost: Ringgit Malaysia 4.5 billion
    Connecting From Batu Muang to Batu Kawan
    Length over water: 9.4 km (kilometer)
    Overall length: 24 km (kilometer)
    Main bridge: Cable-stayed bridge with beam and slab deck
    Approach: Box girder bridge
    Main navigation span: 117.5 m + 240 m +117.5 m
    Main navigation span ship protection: Man-made island
    Others spans: 55 m
    Speed limit: 80 km/h

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