Work visa or student visa?

Hi everyone,

I'm a student from France in International Trade starting an internship for the month of January 2017 in Bahrain.

I have a few questions to be honest about how things are over there.

However, mostly, does anyone know if it's better to go for a student visa (or something of the sort, attached my school in France, or the company i'll be working for in Bahrain), or a working visa as i'll be an intern?

If anyone knows how much it is for a visa that would suit me, even around abouts would be so helpful!

Thanks! :)


The best thing to do is register on LinkedIn and search for interns in Bahrain, they would be able to give you better suggestions.



I dont think you will get student visa!
You should ask your company to provide you the visa

When i went to bahrain (exchange program) we got student visa (actually it was written family visa lol, but it was provide by the university in Bahrain

I recommend getting a formal letter of invitation from the place you will intern at, and then simply getting here on a visit visa in the first instance.

Once you are here, you could ask your employing organization to get you a work visa to regularize your stay.

Thank you everyone for your advice!

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