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My partner and I are planning on moving to Colombia after he finishes his PhD. He is Colombian and I am from the US. We met in New Zealand where we were both getting our PhDs. I am done and have taken a job at a university in Ohio doing biomedical research. I have bachelor's (from US), master's (from US), doctoral (from New Zealand), and post-doctoral (from US) diplomas. I am interested in trying to find a job in education or research. I am wondering if anyone knows whether I need to get my diplomas verified by the US government in order to be considered valid by Colombian employers. I can't find any specific information on this. Thank you all and am happy to be part of the website.

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Actually, some jobs (especially in the public sector, or education), require foreign diplomas to be "convalidated" (they're calling it convalidación) .

You may check the whole convalidación process here: … -3357.html

You'll see that the first step is to have your diplomas legalized or apostilled.

Thank you Steve Russo! I will have a look at that! It is good to start preparing now so I am not inundated with paperwork :).

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