Moving from Dubai - can I bring my car over?

Dear All,

I am shortly moving to Bahrain from Dubai. I wanted to bring my trusted wheels with me. I am not looking to export, but more of a few months driving using my Dubai plates and registered car. Has anyone done this and if so specific things to be aware of?

Thanks in advance.


can do

If you will be a resident in Bahrain then you will need to go through the export process. If you will be temporarily settled you can drive your car anywhere in the GCC.

So you plan to drive it here? If so, you need to look into whether you can get it across Saudi. I heard rumours of a transit visa but that's probably just a rumour. I'd expect getting a visa for yourself to drive it over will be the tricky part as tourist visas don't exist.

If you're shipping it, ignore the above...

pls  give me your mobile number I will contact with u

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