Dataflow process. Anyone experiences problem?


I have accepted a job in muscat and have started the dataflow process. My qualifications and employment history are being verified. Has anyone experienced any problems with dataflow? There is no one to contact to see what progress is being made.

I would love to hear about your experience both positive and negative.  Thank you.

Hi Trish,

Please check this link to know about the status of your application.

You have to search with your bar code and passport number.

Hope this helps I hope.


Hi Trish,
              Dataflow normally takes 30 to 45 days to verify & submit reports. duration depends upon your location of work, employer response, university response etc.
Dataflow verification person directly contacts universities, employers. you are not supposed to contact or canvass with verification person.
               In the meanwhile you can check your application status on their website, giving your barcode number. normally they update status once the  process is initiated.
                Hope this helps.
                                                                                                                                  Dr Parag

As friends say it take 30 to 40 days

Wish you all the best

Thank you very much for this response. It has been very helpful. I guess I will have to wait until process is complete.

thank you

thank you... i have tried and i get the usual response. My application is 'work in progress'. I guess i need to have some patience :)

Hi..can I ask how will I check my data flow result??I don't have barcode or reference no.please help me.thank u

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