How difficult is it to get residency for retirees?

Hello all; I am new to this group. My name is Donald Eubanks. I am from the US. I currently live in small town Mexico where I teach English. I am a retired adjunct professor. I taught sociology courses at a major university in Houston, Texas for 13 years. My plan is to relocate to Nicaragua. Where, not sure yet, but I love the water, the beach, fishing, jogging, and horseback riding. I would love to supplement my retirement income with some part-time work, preferably teaching English. My immediate concerns are where I might rent an apartment and have easy access to the airport and outdoor activities. I am also concerned about pursuing residency. How difficult is it to get residency for retirees? Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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For residency, do what I did and contact Paul Tiffer.  He got my residency in a one meeting-no hassle experience for $800.00.  Yes you can get it done cheaper but the clowns you will deal with and the hassles and wasted time and money are not worth it.

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I just went through 6 months of trying to get retiree residency.....(I just gave up last week). The immigration people were not the problem, in fact they were ready to stamp me in the first visit, because I donate thousands of dollars a year in baseball equipment. It was Intur that was a problem. They wanted endless documentation......every time I brought paperwork, they wanted more. I showed them 5 years of original bank statements of 4 different banks, that clearly illustrated that I covered the minimum requirement by 17 times (per month). Still, it was not enough; they wanted it all translated to Spanish and authenticated 4 times (in Vancouver, Ottawa, Washington D.C. And finally at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Managua). The cost was going to be more than getting an investment residency!
Anyways, if you need a place......I'm looking for a resident caretaker at my property on Isla Ometepe. On the beach, where I'm building a theme hotel.

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