Deportation Law of PNG


I went and read the immigration law of PNG on their website; however, i didn't find any clear answer about a person who was deported from PNG because of using his old visa from his former employer and then boarded a flight to different nearby country and NOT to the country of his origin or where he was hired. He is planning to re-enter with a new visa from his new employer would this be possible to re-enter to PNG even if he just recently forced out? I am not sure about the immigration policies of PNG if this is permissible.

He could easily have been blacklisted for illegally entering the country.
He really has to find that out before he travels or even buys a ticket.

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your reply, he is already out of PNG but my concern is I do not know if the immigration officers place a travel banned to this person from entering PNG soil if he comes back with a new working visa from his new employer. What if there was a bribery happened and he just escorted out of the country without putting his name and barred his entry?

If you were "Forced Out", you must have committed an offence.The question is, how serious your offence is? Well, you better get an agent for your case.

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