Any apps to connect with english speaking people in Manila?

Hi guys,
I have just moved to Manila recently. Since I've come here myself so I am still on the mood of confusing a lot :'(

Do you guys know any apps that I can talk and connect with people for some advices when living here? (ideally people who live in Thai and speak English well)
Eg: place to buy second hand stuffs, suggested location to hang around, etc

Many thx! <3

Where are you exactly in Manila? Are you here for work? or you are married to a local?

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I'm in the center of manila. I'm still single lol

First, to give you a sigh of relief, 90% here in the PHL can speak english. I dont trust my statistics but sure you get the idea )) . As for the Thai thing, i got no idea.

Next, for the app, im not sure if theres any but you'll have plenty of info to find in some forums such as this. But the one I can recommend is It has a very active community and a wide range of topics.

And since youre in manila, i think going to pop up shops will give you an idea where to find what. Most of high end districts like the fort taguig and makati business district conduct bazaars and pop up shops every weekend, thats good enouh for a start..

hope you enjoy ur stay here! ;)

That is true. Getting around the metro since people here can understand and talk in english. Maybe you can download Grab and Uber for more convenient travelling.

tinder is good

Have you found an app that you need? If you just need an advice or tip or anything and reading forums doesn't give you the exact answer that you need, I may be able to help you. I use whatsapp. If you just need to ask questions about a place to hang out, where to buy cheap stuff or any other general tips, let me know.

I had been looking for something like this too when I went to Thailand because I didn't know anyone there and I spent countless hours reading forums which didn't exactly give me the info I need.

I'd be more than glad to help you with whatever help you need while living in MetroManila.  My niece manages an orphanage in Chiang Mai and has been doing so for the past 10 years.

Second hand stuff you can get almost anywhere around the corner.  In Makati, there's one at the corner of J.P. Rizal/Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion.  There's one at the corner of J.P. Rizal/ Pasong Tamo also in Makati City.

Suggested locations to hang around would be at church organizatsions, fitness clubs, museums?


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Hi Catherine..hope you will be doing fine. Do let me know if you have time please

Hi Catherin,
Where in Manila are you exactly? I'm in Ortigas area. Everyone speaks good English here so I don't think you'll have any problems. If you are looking for fellow expat-er, just hit my inbox

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