Marriage in Vietnam

if a foreigner gets married to a Vietnamese woman does it allow him permanent residency ? I'm reading on other threads that even married people with VEC's have to now leave every 6 months.

VEC is the Visa exemption passport stamp or card. Easy for expats to obtain who are  married to Vietnamese nationals. Helps at international airports and border crossings. Currently you renew it at an office. Rumors of a change soon to have to do border runs.

TRC is a Temporary residence card. Also easy for expats to obtain who are married to Vietnamese.  This helps you with housing, motor vehicle ownership, driver's license? maybe other bureaucratic stuff. Lasts 5 years?  Search the forum for TRC thread of steps to follow.

There are also "Permanent" residence cards but they appear to be difficult to impossible to obtain, and of indeterminate extra value.

Permanent is such a funny word here.  :cool:

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