Getting Appointment in Jawazat Riyadh


i have been blessed with baby girl recently here in Riyadh.  i have got her Birth certificate and passport.
now i need to add her to my aqama and for this i need to book an appointment for jawazat in  MOI or absher system.  i have been trying for many days to book the appointment but every time it days "No appointments available" .  i am going for annual vacation next week and without having my baby linked to my aqama i can not process her  Exit/re-enty visa.

please need your help and guidance in this case.


Congrats for the blessing!

Please print your ticket, get it stamped from your company and visit Jawazat (electronic services section) right away. As you have to travel soon, you have an exception for an appointment. Please note what I said about the electronic section -- it's outside their main building and very close to LuLu hypermarket. It's a new thing that was put up in Ramadan. I don't want you to go to some wrong section to wait there for hours only to come to know that the department has changed.

Hope this helps.

Thanks dear...  I went there yesterday and tried to speak to the manager in  E-services section there.   he did not even listen to me.  he said keep trying for appointment in absher and when you get it, come to us.   :( .   i will try again going there along with stamped air ticket.  this is a very good suggestion.   thanks

If possible, take a saudi friend or colleague along.

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