Hey guys, anyone can recommend a good gym?

Hey everyone,

I am moving to HCMC this October to start working and will be completely new to Vietnam. My company is putting me up in a hotel for a few weeks then looking for a place to live, meet new people etc.

Really into my training and eating so if anyone can recommend a good gym preferably one where I can fight and keep fit or anyone want to train with me then that would be exciting.

Hope to make a few friends along the way


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It would be better if you point your place out, which district?

It depends on where do you live. If you want a good and professional fight dojo (English speaking environment as well), consider Saigon Sport Club. Otherwise, there is at least 2 fight clubs in each district.

That's awesome,

Well not exactly sure where I'm going to be placed. So I think I'll go there and visit it.
I had a look at the Saigon Sports Club but couldn't find their fees. Looks very shiny.
I like the old school spit and sawdust gyms I'm a pretty simple sort of guy.


This is their monthly price list from the last 2 months:

Bronze - 10 classes @ 2,200,000 Vnd
Silver - 18 classes @ 2,900,000 Vnd
Gold - 30 classes @ 3,300,000 Vnd
Platinum - unlimited classes @ 4,400,000 Vnd

I used to train here for 1 month and move to a more old school Muay Gym in district 5. If you want to find such place, the trainers are not good at English at all.

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Thanks beautiful people :D

Will have a good investigation and decide what is best for me. English speaking isn't requirement for me. I just want to train and practice Vietnamese. Can't speak it yet but give me time haha

Andrewmylett :

Thanks beautiful people :D

Will have a good investigation and decide what is best for me. English speaking isn't requirement for me. I just want to train and practice Vietnamese. Can't speak it yet but give me time haha

Well, if the Gym with English speaking isn't a must, there are a lot options for you around district 1.
Even the monthly fee is under 500.000VND with full of facilities and Yet Kieu Gym is an example.

You can also try California fitness in district 4.  they have a full boxing ring, boxing equipment, etc.. and i believe they have trainers as well.  Gym is very clean and has a very good crowd, but fee will likely be much higher than the other gyms mentioned here.

Andrewmylett :

I like the old school spit and sawdust gyms I'm a pretty simple sort of guy.

haha same for me... don't worry, if you're not picky, you'll find old school gym everywhere :)
For very basic gym, it's around 150 000 VND a month.
For a good one with lots of machine, around 400 000 VND.
Then you have fancy ones, same fees as in western countries.

Hi Andrew, i suggest you California Fitness & Yoga, i' ve just subscribed and the price is around 35 USD per month that is quite expansive for Vietnam but consider that is a 9 floor gym with western standards and above all is open till 23.00, i think it's worth it.
I'm not that picky too but the problem of others local gym is that are very small and always crowded plus california is attended by a lot of foreigners and, last but not least, California is a chain so if u r in a temporary  accomodation u can start your workout immediatly, then when  u'll move u can easily find another centre close to your future home

Hey Matteo, how were you able to get a such a good price at California? I got quoted 2 million for 1 month, or 4 million for 3 months. Did you do an annual contract or something?

Oijasdofija: There is no fixed fees in California Fitness, that is why I think it is kind of fishy. I once got offered 500,000VND/month for a 2 - year contract because they said it is "end month sales". The other day, my friend got the same promotion although it is not even the end of the month.

Hi guy,

I think you could check California fitness, their gyms system shows almost each Dist, easy for you to choice which is the most convenient, they have full equipment and many kinds of class to join.

Good luck to your new start.

Just signed up earlier this week to CYFC.  Annual contract, about $30 usd per month for a platinum pass.  Had to bargain it down.

The best i could find in the Ben Than Market area District 1 is Pham Van Mach gym, over by the big parks there.

Ain't cheap though - 600-700k /month, if i remember right, depending on the time of day you want. Pretty sure the daily rate was 70k.

Ain't perfect, because whoever is in charge ain't big on common sense?
For example, the lounge area takes up more of the space than the free weights area.
Yet, there ain't even a good stretching/warm-up area that i can find there yet.

Ventilation could be much better, because seems to use spot air-conditioning. So, there is no air filtering of any kind probably.

Not enough heavy weight plates, and plates in general, and the staff don't organize  or manage them, but just leave that to the users. You know how that turns out from the gyms on your planet.

They don't have a rack for the heaviest bells, which don't have any total weight marks. So, you have to yank them off the floor, which is inconvenient and unsafe.

Depending on who's working the front desk, the usual worldwide gym nuisance is common - BACKGROUND music is so loud that you can't hear what's coming out of your own earphones.

In general, the place is overcrowded with machines.

The lockers are small, but adequate for a bag, and they lock.

So, i'm sure there are better places, but we ain't in Kansas or even Dixie no here. :)

Before i settled on Mach's, I checked out California Fitness by Ben Than, but they gave me some crazy daily rate like 420k or something. Maybe i just misunderstood, but i doubt it.

If a place is set up to rape me even with the daily rate, good chance it's set up to rape monthly. So i don't risk using such gyms just on principle of it.

Once i toured all the floors, i knew it wasn't for me though, because most folks don't have the time to use everything on those floors, BUT end up paying for all of it.

Mach's ain't much cheaper though - maybe 5 bucks.

So, my search for a "good gym" in HCMC continues also, and i wouldn't recommend either one of these.

In the central District 1 area though, i think most guys i know would probably settle for Mach's the way i did.

California Gym has a promotion right now that sets the first month's rate to 400k. But the D1 branch is inadequate in terms of machines compared to Mach's. It's the first gym I've ever been to that does not have a lat pulldown machine...

yes but i believe California fitness's "promotion" is if you sign up for 2 years and pay teh 2 year membership up front.  or 20 months, I don't Remember. 
I ended up going to Goldsport, 650,000/month in Go Vap District.
not a bad gym compared to the other 3 i tried before finding it.

I didn't have to agree to anything. It's a 1 month trial membership.

Hey guys and girls. Oki I've got settled moved in a pay day approaches.

Need a solid spit and saw dust gym. Around guys and girls who like to train. Don't require air con, pool, classes, just free weights, machines can be old haha and maybe a dodgy treadmill I can't understand because it's in Vietnamese.

I'm living in District 4. Cheap and cheerful as want to prepare for competitions at the end of next year.

Any assistance would be great

I was going to get fit in district 4, not bad gym, limited weights ( only up to 30 kg ( about 65 lbs) dumbbells, seems typical here in Vietnam though) and limited 20kg (45 lbs) plates, but this is also typical.
One nice thing was had a water purifier in change room to fill water bottle and towel service.  I don't recall monthly price as I just paid for a week that I was in area.  Worth checking into though.

Let me know if any other questions, can PM me if questions about protein etc.

Getfit Gym & Yoga

Lầu 3, Cao ốc H3, 384 Hoàng Diệu,, P.6, Q.4, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
08 6261 6168

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