UK driving license less than 1 year - applying for Omani license

I am a UK citizen who has recently moved to Oman. I have an employment visa and my employer is currently applying for my residency card which I should receive next week.
I passed my driving test in the UK in May 2016. On the ROP website it states that you can exchange a UK license into an Omani one only if you have had it for over a year. I have only had mine for 3 months.

So does that mean I have to wait until next May (2017) before I can apply for one? Anyone have an idea of what can be done next? I really need a car for transport. Does renting have the same requirements?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi all_things_genius,

You can always apply for taking a fresh Omani Driving Licence, since you are ineligible for a licence transfer.

Another way to a try your luck is to see if you can get your company PRO to pull some strings and get your U.K., driving licence converted to an Omani one. In Oman, there are always ways of bending the rules (I am not saying 'breaking the rules').

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