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Im just new here. I need help right now. Me and my husband really tried to get an appointment for FRV as of now its really hard for us to get an appointment. Its always say no avaialble appointment till november this year. Do you have any idea guys how to get or check an available appointment? Thank you.

What do you need and appointment for, and with whom? What is FRV?
Explaining this might help getting a relevant reply.


Try checking the embassy website early in the morning. There are tons of national visa application lately, and slots are limited. You need luck at your side.

@beppi FRV=family reunion visa. I assume she's from my Heimat and I notice that recently most people use abbreviations for visa, I had difficulty deciphering too in the beginning. (MV=marriage visa and TV=tourist visa)

@cyrilanne: thank you for that tip. We already got an appointment. You were right, we checked it early morning around 6-7am coz they usually post it at that time.  FRV means Family Reunion Visa. Thanks for your help guys.

One more thing. Im planning to take an exam for Start Deutsch A1 this November 21 this year. Do you guys have info or tips for me?

Thank you.

Just relax during the exam. For written part, make sure you write at least one complete sentence for each keypoint. Practice writing letters. As for the mündliche part, make sure that you answer with complete sentence, and not just, "ja" or " nein." If the question requires any of these as answer, make sure you add something, such as "ja, gerne" or "ja, das mache ich" or "nein, danke" or "nein, es tut mir Leid"... something in that sense.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your tips. Ill take note of that☺️ Im kinda nervous but i know i can do it. Im just doing self study.

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Seriously , just come and study german in  germany for a full year. After you  seriously "lived and studied" the language  you are ready for A1

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Keep learning and practicing the online test on German embassy website (if I'm not mistaken), pay a good attention to hören test aswell as it can get a little tricky.


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