HELP - expat terminated (British)

Hi Guys, hoping you can help.

I have been working in KSA for 22 months.

12 months with a multinational employer (non-Saudi) on loan (secondment) to a Saudi company. Then the following 10 months employed fully (with contract) to Saudi company.

For the 22 months I was kept on a multi-exit (90 or 180 day) temporary visa. Just recently they sent me to the Uk to apply and obtain a FULL residential visa.

The embassy denied my application - the Saudi company in turn terminated my contract. The embassy would NOT say why.

According to the Saudi labour law, what am I entitled to? Please quote article number if possible.


Dear Sir,

I am sorry to that, however, regarding your question please be advised that you may be entitled to End Salary Leave, vacation leave and other features that are specified in your contract. otherwise, your company can not do anything regarding visa.

Hi Yossef,

What is end salary leave?

I meant End Salary Benefit

Why don't you get in touch with your employer and sort it out !! Or you might have made some friends in KSA over a period of time, just seek their help. I really doubt if there's some law which is expat friendly. Good luck.

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