Family Reunification With Child

I am currently living in Denmark under the greencard scheme and my current residence status expires in a couple of months but due to the recent change on extension rules, i won't be able to get an extension by the time my current residence permit expires in 5 months.

Here is my problem. I have a danish child whom i have shared custody with the mother but we were never married but lived together at some point. Although i read on the danish immigration website that i can get a family reunification with my child but it's not clear enough: Family Reunification. i quote below

The category 'other family members' also includes a parent applying to be family reunified with his/her child under the age of 18 who is living in Denmark. It is only possible to be granted family reunification with one's child under 18 if the child's other parent is not the applicant's spouse/partner. If the child's other parent is the applicant's spouse/partner, the applicant should apply for family reunification with a spouse. Read more about family reunification with a spouse.

If the child's other parent is not the applicant's current spouse/partner, but is the applicant's former spouse/partner, the decisive factor is how much interaction the applicant has had with his/her child, and the child's general attachment to Denmark.

Please note that a residence permit will not be granted to a parent in order for the parent to establish an attachment to his/her child. The decisive factor is the level of attachment which already exists.

Can someone clarify this for me?, it'll e 4 years of residence in Denmark by the time my current residence permit expires and my daughter would be over a year old.

I think i have a rare case due to the fact that the extension rules was changed unaware, it wouldn't make any sense if i can't be there for my child and watch her grow just because of the unstable immigration rules.

In your case you shall seek a family reunification with your child, not your former partner. You can do so if you have a regularly contact with your daughter.

It is important that you use the right application papers.

If I were you, I would contact the Danish Immigration Service to be quite sure that I do the paperwork correctly. … ervice.htm


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