Visa length

I am finding contradicting information about tourist visas online and from friends.
I have USA friends who have obtained a 2 year tourist visa, while online i find it's only 6 months.
Can French citizens get more than 3 months?
What is the max length tourist visa for french and south african citizens?
Thank you,

Hi Benjamin,

I invite you to hve a look at this link : … s/visa.htm , you might find some useful information.


Priscilla :)

Thank you for your reply Priscilla.
I have another question: can i get a 2 year tourist visa and then bring the family to stay on the same length as me. We have different nationalities and they can only get 3 months...

What is your purpose of visit? If you stay more than a month, avoid tourist visa at all cost, since you'll have to pay "ferengi" prices in hotels and for transportation.

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