Looking for Russian personal lessons.

My name is Solenn, I'm a 20-yo student from France. I'm coming to live in Malta in September.

I will work there and continue my studies with a French university thanks to correspondance classes.
I'm studying English and Russian. I have some difficulties with Russian, thus I'm looking for a native speaker to help me with it and make me practice.I will need between 2 and 4h of help a week (depending on the week). I will be living in St Julian's, Sliema or Sweiqi.

Wedge: 6€/hour.

Contact me if you fit to the profile and are interested.

Hi Solenn and welcome to :)

I invite you to post an ad in the Language classes in Malta section, it might help you to get in touch with a native speaker rapidly.


Priscilla  :cheers:

You can search for someone to teach at [link moderated]

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