Marrying an American

Hello ,

My fiancee is an American girl coming to Egypt this December InShaaAllah  for 15 days ,
I have three questions :

1- is the 15 days are enough to finish all the paper work in Egypt and get our marriage certificate ?

2- Until we get our official marriage certificate ... can we do an Orfi paper and use it to stay in a Hotel or rent a flat or it wont be accepted ?

3- what are the steps that require her presence in Egypt , because if the process will take more than 15 days , I may do the rest of the steps after she depart

Hi HiTmAn47,

This link might help you out with your questions :


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Priscilla ,

Thx for your reply , but I already know the steps ... my questions are irrelevant though

Hey, congrats on your engagement.

I'm American and went through this with my husband last year.

To answer your questions, it may be a little hard to get your stuff done in 15 days. I feel like my husband and I took a month to get married between the trips to the embassy...the marriage hall (the system was even down when we went the first time). It was kind of a nightmare but we didn't plan very well as we weren't as pressed for time cause I live here. I really can't tell you official processing times because it was kind of a blur and things don't always go as planned at gov offices. Anyway i just asked my husband and he said it took us three weeks total.

As far as a place to stay, not the urfi papers wont do and many places in Cairo won't accept you as they're afraid of trouble with the police. For our honeymoon first time i cane we found a private owner in They were from UK and didn't care. But I asked before booking. And we stayed in Dahab.

To answer your last question I'm like 95 percent sure she doesn't have to go with u to pick up the marriage certificate. 

Best wishes!

Thx alot Rachel , that was really helpful

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