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I am planning to move to Edinburgh in Jan 2017 with my child 12 yr old and husband.
We both are full time workers, I work for British Council London Branch and my husband wants to change his job when he moves to Edinburgh.

Our first priority is to find a good secondary school for my son in Edinburgh City, then to find a job for myself. 

Does anyone can  give me some information about the secondary schools and to find a job for me.


Great to hear that you plan to move to Edinburgh, it is truly a beautiful city. I actually have a sister living there and another family member living abroad working for the British Council. If you don't get too many responses here I can ask my sis in Edinburgh about good schools. Was there a particular part of Edinburgh that you were interested in?

Dear Hasson,

Many thanks for your reply and I am glad to hear that  I got a good response.

Actually, I have no idea where  to move. Our first priority is to find a good secondary for my son who is 12 yrs. But we prefer close to the Edinburgh City Centre.

I looked for couple of schools on the web and planning to visit Edinburgh end of October for few days.
Can you please ask your sister to write to me so that we can communicate.


Many thanks again !!!

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There are lots of schools to chose from but I am afraid I can't help you with that (no kids!).  You may be restricted by location - it may be in zones depending on where you live.

I found it difficult to find work but I kept at it and managed to get permanent work, I do recommend starting with agencies if you can, I didn't get that much but it was income and experience.  It is also a teaching town with several colleges and universities, they also have their own recruiting websites you could look at (University of Edinburgh, Telford College, Napier University, Queen Margaret University...).

good luck!

Dear Kimberley,

Many thanks for your information and it helps a lot.
If you get to know any information please let me know.

Thanks again!!!

Dear Hansson,

I hope you are keeping well and you go my previous mail.

Can you please pass your sisters mail if you don't mind so that I can get more information about secondary school in Edinburgh.

If not please pass my mail : *  to your sister so that she can write to me.

Thanks a lot again!!

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Hi Aslin1938,

Have already emailed her and just sent her a reminder this morning. Will get back to you asap.


Dear Hansson,

Many thanks for your response.
Kind regards

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