Young family looking to move to CPH

Hi, I'm Raquel and my partner and I are thinking of moving our family to Copenhagen. We have an almost 3 year old and we've lived in Portugal, Italy, Germany and Ireland. We're quite aware of the main challenges in moving from south to northern Europe (particularly climate and language) but we're confident we can overcome them.

Contrarily to what we've done in the past, this time we're planning things out very responsibly and will only move once we've secured jobs (either local or remote). Our professional backgrounds are mainly in customer support roles for tech companies but we have studied in different fields (me Pyschology and Cultural Management, him Bioengineering) and speak several languages. Currently we're working on our passions - me PHOTOGRAPHY and him WOODWORKING - and hope to find jobs that will allow us to keep pursuing our passions on the side. We are looking for basically any kind of job that will pay for our expenses and not take up too much of our time (although we're both willing to work full-time). I have several questions and if you have an opinion on any of them, we'd be most appreciative:

- I'm currently focussed on family and pet photography. My style is natural, documentary, unposed. Do you believe there's a market in Copenhagen for this kind of work?
- My partner would ideally love to find a job that would help him develop his woodworking skills. He's willing to start from the ground up. Any tips on woodworking shops or even furniture factories that could be hiring?
- We speak several languages (English, Italian, Portuguese and some German and French) - is there anywhere we can "easily" secure a job for 6-12 months that will allow us to listen to Danish on a regular basis (e.g. in a café or a hostel)?

We will have many more questions in the future but the job part is the essential one to get us to make the move so any help would be great!


PS: I know about the jobs section, we're trying to look for advice that can't easily be found online.  Thank you!

First of all, you have to be Union citizens.

But, but, but ........ My personal opinion is that it will be difficult for both of you to find a job.

Apart from wedding photos, christening photos and the yearly school class photos, I regard the interest for being photographed very low nowadays, but that is only my opinion. I don't know.

Neither do I believe in your partner's possibilities to find a job where he can work with wood. There are only two-three furniture factories left in Denmark. We still educate cabinet makers, but it is very, very difficult for them to find a job within their profession as new hand made furniture are too expensive in Denmark, and therefore most of them work as unskilled workers within other fields after their exam. Some of them start their own business within restoration and repairs, but still, the market for that kind is also limited.
Fritz Hansen is a furniture factory north of Copenhagen. A good working place, but the work is very boring (not wood work, but mere assembly line work).

Finding a job without speaking Danish is a challenge in itself unless your profession is not one of those on the Positive List.

It isn't enough to be willing to work hard as so many are. The companies want skilled people, and they can pick and choose in these years, and native citizens will experience that too.

Cleaning and serving in a cafe or hotel are the most common jobs for foreigners, but the wages are low, very often you'll even not get a contract, or it will be moon shine jobs. Perhaps ok for a young one who wants to experience the world, but not for adults. Further, it will be a challenge to find a housing which you can afford on such a low wage.

And for you, serving in a cafe or hotel will not be compatible with taking care of your child.

I don't know your background for wishing to come here, but I am afraid that it won't be an easy translocation.


Hi Nellie,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I took a day to think about what I'd reply back because I wasn't really sure how to react to your very pessimistic (or maybe simply too bluntly realistic) response.

We are both EU citizens and we never thought this would be easy. Thankfully I've talked with several Danes and non-Danes living in Copenhagen since I received your message and it's helped to have a clearer picture. We will only move once we have jobs, that's certain, so my goal here is to reach out to people who might be able to help us find them or send us looking in the right places.

If there's anyway you may offer help, I'm all ears.


I am, indeed, not optimistic. When said, I am reassured by hearing that you will only move in case you find a job. Many expats have come here because of unrealistic expectations, only to find out that they have given up job and housing at home for no use.

I am also glad to hear that you have asked other people around you about their opinion. Despite the varied answers you get, it will all help you to take the right decision for you.

I don't know how I can help you at the moment, but you are always welcome to ask me for help, and I shall help you as best I can.

Good luck,

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