Filipina wanting to marry a swede, but still have annulment in process

Hi, what is the fastest way i can be with my swedish boyfriend? We want to move in together but i still have an annulment process on going. Will i get a residency permit if I apply for moving to someone in sweden? What visa should i get? Thank u!

There's no fast way to get a residence visa I believe. With the new law taken into full force, it will be longer than how it was before, plus the chances on getting one is thin. If you go to migrationsverket and check the news right on the bottom of the page, there's a headline about getting a residence permit and/or the new law affecting the people applying for one.

If he can move to where you live for a year or two... That's probably the fastest way to be with your partner.


I already read the article but isnt that directed only to asylum seekers? I feel its a little odd if im moving to a swede and they wont allow me?

Yes only to Asylum seekers, but it may still take longer than 14-15 mos. It might even be impossible to get one at this moment I'm not sure. How long have you been with him? Were you cohabiting during those period? If you don't mind me asking.

Yes and i am not an aylum seeker. Weve been together for a year. But the article states the law is for asylum seekers wanting to move to their family who are immigrants as well. But then im moving to a swede national. I understand longer times, but almost impossible? Why?

Then it might take longer than the usual time. Just overheard that it's "almost" impossible, might be true or not. You only have to apply for residence visa cohabiting with partner. When I have applied for it, I was asked to submit my ID, Passport, Certificate of No Marriage (not sure about yours since you have a on going annulment) and birth certificate I think... I have input my fiance's details as well so you might want to ask him for his personummer and personal details. Where we works... Where he lives, if someone else lives with him and etc (you'll go through these in the application).

Are u Filipinos?

Yes. Definitely Filipino!

You can appy residence visa even your annulment is in process.  My residence visa was granted 2 yrs ago even i did not file annulment in Philippines.

You can apply residence visa even you still married in Philippines.

Th flow of refugees affects the time needed for an appointment due of migration personel. But with this new migration politics hopefully that will stabilize it to normal flow.

And yea, that subject about you having small chance are only for asyllum seekers. But still affects your time to wait a little bit longer for an appointment or to work with your documents.

And also make sure you have all the right documents and the questions being ask are  answered, coz that saves you alot of time.... the rest is up to the migrationdepartment. Goodluck ;)

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