EP holder with an MNC work as a part time teacher?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on an Employment pass with a MNC in Singapore. I work in the software industry. Recently I have been approached by a private corporate coaching institute to teach a course related to my domain. They would like me to teach few hours a week after my office hours. As per my understanding, this will be a part time job as they would be offering me some monetary benefits for the course I teach. Since I am on an employment pass with my current employer I would like to know the following:

1. Am I allowed (as per MOM policies) to work part time with another company?

2. If no, is there an alternative way to address this situation? (I would really like to consider teaching as it is a good way to share and grow with like minded people. It will give me a good exposure and also help me network)

3. A friend suggested that I can start a sole proprietorship company (keeping my current EP and job intact). In this way I can claim to have my own company and invoice the teaching institute through my company in a legal way. Is this possible? Can an EP holder also have a sole proprietorship?

I kindly request you to guide me in this situation. Though I would love to consider this opportunity I want to be very sure I do not break any legal rules in Singapore. Please help me with a appropriate way to address my problem.

Thank you in advance.


First and foremost an EP holder can't work part time job other than what his current employer applied for. It's illegal and if found then EP will be revoked and deported back to his original country.

Secondly, a DP or LTVP holder can apply part time job after his LOC is approved.

Thirdly, yes you can set up a business under EP but that has to be declared to your present company and even though you may be the owner or director of the company, your signature is invalid (in other terms you can't sign any legal contracts or don't have authority to do so) as its conflict of interest.

Or if you can get sponsor who can do funding of S$50k then you can apply Entrepreneur Pass as well.

You may explore further details by visiting MoM or ICA.

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