Question about hiring personal assistant in Malta

Hi peeps! I am from China and will be living in Malta soon, with my wife and son.

Unfortunately my english is really poor , and now I am seriously worrying about things that may happen on living there, for example I don't even know how to pay the electric bills and how to call service when out of gas etc.

So I would like to look for a good personal assistant in Malta, who can help us on all of those kind of things, school, hospital, restaurant , everything :)

My question is where I can find one and how much salary will be reasonable ?


I'm guessing you would need an assistant who speaks Chinese/Mandarin?  Your english seems fine the way you are typing...

Hi thanks for the reply.

About my english I guess most of Chinese people are in the same situation : we can type and read, but hard to speak and listen :)

About the assistant no Chinese skill is required. Because we can communicate face to face, with body language, or even write down the ideas.

Also the driving will be a problem : Malta doesn't have the same taxi transport system like other countries, so it is so hard to get a Taxi on road, and since I m from china I really don't want to drive on left side of road :) unless I get training about it .

So many problems in the future ! Some friend from this site wrote email to me with warm help, ppl are so nice in Malta !

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