Leave salary entitlement if a person resign before 1 year

Can a person eligible for Leave salary entitlement if he resign before 1 year completion(After completing 11 months).
I think he will not get gratuity.
please guide.

HI special number,

As per the Ministry of Manpower rules, to be eligible for 1-month's paid vacation, an employee must have completed 12-months of continuous service.

But on completion of 6-continuous months of service, an employee can avail of 15-days paid vacation.

Obviously the employee would not be eligible for any end-of-service settlement benefits.

but what if he has completed 10 months and has given a notice of 2 months so that he will complete 12 months while he leave. 365 days..

HI special number,

It's either 12-months or 6-months of continuous working. Nothing in-between. That's how the law works here.

When I worked there for the MOH 20 years ago it was usual to get a pro rata payment for the number of months you worked.  One thing you could be sure of when I worked there was that the MOH would never cheat you out of your entitlements.

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