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Anyone please contribute any info you have on Bandung.  I am looking especially for some of the best area to rent in but not too expensive.  I decided Bandung is where I want to live after checking Yogyakarta out.  It's way to hot there hahaha.  My main reason for this topic is finding nice areas live in  Bandung so I can go there when I visit in a few months.  So please add anything concerning Bandung and thanks.

Sure, I am happy to give you some ideas, but it depends how many rooms, size of house, a rental budget, do you need to be close to anywhere in particular, in or out of town etc.

And that is what I need to know which is better to live outside of town but close to the city would be right for me I think.  One bedroom place not looking to anything elaborate.  I would like to keep rental budget under 45 million rupiah if possible, or less.

Hanson would you mind sending me a private message of you know of anything that would help, please.

Will do...

Have you checked out Kota Baru Parahyangan?

No I have not Bram, what is it like if you've been there?

I've driven through Kota Baru Parahyangan a few times on my way to Sukabumi. It's a small new town quite far out from Bandung, perhaps a bit isolated? However, they do have nice houses there with good security and and expat community with good schools. it is really in a countryside area which is nice for those living and working in that area.

i've been living there for about 7 years.  I really enjoy it.  As Hansson mentioned, a location which is suitable for one person, might not be suitable for another person.  It is located 10 km from the city center. 

One of the main advantages is the traffic, no queuing to enter or exit the highway.
If you choose for a location in/near Pasteur, it might take up to one hour just to enter or exit the highway, due to congestion.

Yes it is a nice area for sure, sort of a mini BSD City. But if living there one would probably need a car. I know that they have good schools there, and I really like the fact that is it sort of out in the countryside.

Do people retire there or are they mostly working people of a mixture of both?

Hi Hansson,

I agree with you.  A car isn't an unnecessary luxury, even though taxis are located outside the Kota Baru gate most of the day. 

I would say a mix of both.  Most working people which I know, who have moved to Kota Baru in the last years, were motivated to move away from the center due to the congestion.  I would say it is a great place for people with children as well, as it is a safe area without much traffic inside the clusters.

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