Need international power converter/adapter/voltage transformer


My items just arrived from the U.S. and I have some kitchen appliance, like a food processor and juicer, that will not operate with the international power converters that I brought here from the U.S. The appliances require too many watts (750 watts). I have searched in Madina, Palace store on Spintex, and Game at Accra Mall, but no one sells these power converters. Can anyone tell me where I may find these voltage transfomers in Ghana?


I don't know about that country, but safety standards commonly require building site workers to use 110V equipment through an isolation transformer.
That means looking at building supplies shops.
They're big, yellow and ugly, but they'll handle the power.

I hope an American who has faced this problem will advise

These babies will run any gear you're likely to use, but you'll have to hide them away as they're ugly as sin.

Try hunting for them in power tool shops … php?ID=226

Thanks Fred, I found some being listed on Tonoton and OLX websites. You're correct, they aren't pretty.

I have just seen a converter for sale on Facebook on the NAWA group if you know anyone who belongs to it.

Thanks hkann. I was able to find one on Tonoton.

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