In 2013 after living in Thailand for 12 years we decided to sell a property there and move to Europe (Sicily, Italy).

We contacted Kxxxxk (better known as Txx -The lawyer when he worked for Axxxx the crooked chairman of the Cxxxxx)) and he sold the property. When the money arrived in his account (xxxxx.) he asked if we will lend him 1,000,000 baht so that he could renovate a hotel in Chiang Mai.

We agreed and we all signed a Loan Agreement. It is now over 3 years later and we haven’t received one Baht. Despite about 50 emails with cajoling and threats he hasn’t made one monthly repayment.
His partner Xxxxxxx has sent several very unprofessional emails where he swears at us and threatens to take us to court for slander!

The situation now is that we are going to hire a lawyer to recover the money.
In the meantime I would like to advise all ex-pats in Chiang Mai to avoid Xxxxxxx. The hotel we helped finance the renovation of is also suspect ( with a report of a large amount of money being stolen). The hotel is the Wua Lai.

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he is still in business, email me at xxx

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The libel laws in Thailand are criminal and even though statements can be proved it may cost you lots of money and time in court to defend yourself from a libel charge.  Putting names to post is not a good idea in this country.

I'm not a lawyer but if it were me I would remove the above post and any other forums you may have posted this information.

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